Pastor Alan’s Page

Pastor Alan will periodically post thoughts on this page.

As I am looking out my office window I see two beautiful things–it looks like it might rain, and we need that; and there is a nice mixture of colors in the foliage I can see.  The Fall is a beautiful part of our New England area.  Earlier this week we drove through the Presidential range in New Hampshire and into Western Maine–returning from visiting our daughter and son-in-law.  It was hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on the hills.  That can be true in many ways on a given day of living.  Focus only on the path or task of the day can rob us of seeing things intended to enrich our time here.  Some times we need to slow down, or take a break, to just look around and take in the beauty and good God has graciously placed all around.  Remember, He gives peace to those whose mind is stayed upon Him.  And the beauty of each season is a gift to us, as well as an expression of His creativity and excellence.

It always amazes me to think God has set His affection upon us and has intentionally provided salvation to bring us back to Him.  It is humbling to ponder His holy love and how He has chosen to help us know it.  The powerful revelation of His love, demonstrated through the sacrifice of His Son for our sins, is meant to give us new life joy…and eternal hope…and profound peace in His presence.  When we see the beauty of His eternal love for us–a new song is born in the heart that has to be given back to Him in praise, and gratitude.

If you have never heard the good news of God’s love for you in Jesus, or pondered it personally, we’d love to help you learn about this truth.  Sometimes you can round a corner and be caught by the beauty of the fall foliage–it can bring a wow to the heart.  I hope you have had such a moment over God’s love for you in Jesus.  A moment when the cross of Jesus is suddenly not just a pretty piece of jewelry, but the clear message of God’s great love for you.  A realization that He has laid your sin upon Jesus and it has been paid for in full, so you can know His forgiveness.  And the power of His resurrection as a source of new life and sure hope to your own heart.  I hope the truth from God has caught your heart, at some corner, and your heart has felt that wow moment that has begun a new life journey with Him.  May you know the joy of His grace and may your heart rejoice in His loving presence.